The big problem

We were approached by Duane & Geoff Stretch because they had a vision. They wanted to create a chain of premium storage garages across Western Canada unlike what was currently in the marketplace. They knew their construction company, Stretch Construction would not be the proper direction for this stand-alone product.

Duane & Geoff reached out to Holeshot Brandworks to create a company name, visual presence and brand direction that would help them stand out and attract the right purchasers.

The client

Stretch Construction Ltd.

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

The plan

We were really intrigued by the vision of Duane and Geoff. As they talked about their building process and use of materials, we began to see the vision. We were really excited to help them achieve their goals.

We began the process by auditing and analyzing the premium garage market and its competitors. We took data on names, brand directions, target audiences, property owner behaviours and all pain points experienced by these owners.

As we spoke with Duane and Geoff about their desired property locations, we also examined the areas and target demographics they were going to target.

Our plan was outlined:

  • Create a business name
  • Secure the business name at the Federal Level
  • Secure all URLs and social media accounts
  • Create an identity system
  • Develop positioning statements and strong copy
  • Design a functional website with seamless UX
  • Work with area photographers to capture amazing photographs of the finished properties

The tangible outcomes

We began by developing a new business name for the developments that embody the true nature of these buildings. A place where individuals could store their life’s successes in a secure environment. A premium product that offered state-of-the-art security and amenities that allowed the owner to customize their property.


Business Name, Logo Design, Positioning Statements, Website Design, Banners & Signage, Web Ads, Investor Brochure.

The identity system

Once the name was secured and registered we created a stunning versatile logo design that told the story of Storehouse. A corporate colour palette, typeface selection and logo variations were developed. 

The marketing channels

The first marketing channel we addressed was the Storehouse website. Armed with the new identity system and positioning statements, we created content and a user experience that was focused on one thing, sell units.

Our next step was to create assets for the Commercial Real Estate Agents chosen to promote and sell the units of each building.

The last step was an investor brochure Stretch Construction could distribute to their network.

The tangible results

The first Storehouse location in Kelowna sold out before breaking ground. The other locations were met with positive responses from both buyers and Agents hired to sell the units. Sales clarity and direction were created for the hired Agents, helping make their jobs easier. The perception created by the brand and finished properties set Storehouse apart from its competitors. Placing them in a premium product category. We were happy to have a small part in their success. 

Do you want to achieve success like this client?

Let’s talk about your business problem and find out what success looks like to you. before you reach out read the FAQs below to learn more about how we work with our clients. Then contact us to schedule a video call.


Who do you work with?

We work really well with automotive business owners and companies that fit the following criteria:

  1. They have 3-50 employees.
  2. Their business has been operational for at least 2 years or more.
  3. The company is cash-flow positive.
  4. The business owner has a yearly marketing budget of $25,000 CAD or more.
  5. The company is going through some sort of transition - moving, growing, changing direction, franchising, selling, purchasing a competitor, expanding operations, etc.
  6. Lastly, they are an automotive company in the aftermarket industry - they manufacture, distribute, use, buy or sell automotive specialty parts/accessories. Or they make 4-wheeled vehicles look better, go faster or become something new. This might be a performance shop, parts manufacturer, car repair, parts distributor, etc.

There are many amazing automotive business owners in different types of journeys. We want to help as many of you as we can. Please tell us about your journey!

How much does it cost to create brand?

We like to look at branding as an investment, not a cost. Because you will get a return on investing in your brand. In most cases, branding services require an investment anywhere from 3-10% of your annual gross revenue. Our minimum level of engagement starts at $5,000 CAD and can go up from there depending on the size of your company and the scope of the complete project.

Is branding really that important?

We believe it is in today's economy.

It's no secret that everyone's BS radar is on high. Authenticity is being scrutinized. Transparency is being celebrated. People crave to support and be part of communities. Your business and brand are a community.

What do your customers say about you when you are not in the room? How do they feel when they look at your image? What's the retention rate of your clients? Do they scoff at your prices or are they happy to pay you what you feel you are worth? How do your employees feel when they work for you? Do you have high turnover with staff or extreme loyalty?

These are questions that can be addressed with a well-executed brand.

You see and hear about other brands all the time. You may have been jealous or curious about these other companies and what they have achieved internally and externally. It's cult-like. It's a community and it's so fucking powerful when done right.

Learn why it's important by reading this article we wrote.

How long does it take to brand my company?

Branding can take as quickly as 30 days to complete if you need accelerated services. Generally, each project takes 30-120 days and becomes a long-term relationship. Business owners and key decision-makers are required to be involved with the process because our approach is very collaborative.

What ROI can I get from Branding?

We have seen increased sales & referrals occur to clients after they launch their new image and brand.  Their perception increases. Customers become more aware. Customers find their new image more appealing to their needs. Business owners and employees shift mentally. There is increased engagement from staff. Owners become inspired once again. They no longer see themselves as the ‘little guy’. They are more confident. They become proud of their image. If you are looking for revenue gains and other numbers and statistics, please call us. We have case studies we can share.

I already have a logo and website, can you work with my company?

Absolutely! We can work with your existing visual identity quite easily. Our brand development services create the foundational elements that are often overlooked or simply put together haphazardly. We can bring consistency to your brand by including the existing visuals of your company.

Can you help me even if I am not in your country?

Yes we can. Technology has made it very easy for us to give the same experience to clients outside of our country. We can video chat, conduct phone calls and if required, travel to your city. If you need more information about our services for clients, please contact us.

I have an in-house design team, can you work with us?

Absolutely! Here's something you may not know. Our owner Dennis Michael started his career as an in-house creative so he understands the department and dynamics. We can work side-by-side with your in-house team in a collaborative manner. We can also offer training, systems & processes refinement and mentorship to your team if required.

Who does the work?

We focus on what we are really good at and nothing more. When it comes to graphic design, website development, marketing services, writing, SEO, etc. We bring on only high-quality, personally vetted, trusted professionals to help with the work that is beyond our scope. Think of us as your creative director/project manager when other services are included in your scope. If you have an in-house team, excellent! Let's work together.

We have a lot of working knowledge in all areas of design and marketing (enough to make us dangerous) so we can ensure our clients are being served very well. It allows us to communicate with our partners effectively, maintain a high level of quality and create a level of accountability.

What is the difference between branding and logo design?

Branding is more than visuals. It's the complete ecosystem of your company that makes up the brand. What people say, think and feel about your company.

Whereas logo design is one element in the whole brand experience. It's an important one though because your logo is your workhorse. It will be applied everywhere and act as your first point of contact with any prospect.

Do you participate in RFPs?

It is our policy to not participate in RFPs.

I have someone who needs branding help but they're not an automotive company. Can you help them?

Absolutely! We can refer you to one of our many supporting partners who can help you with your non-automotive company.