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Thought-provoking questions gave us the information we needed to come up with these solutions.

CARtoons Magazine

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

We are proud to service this historic magazine under the ownership of Marc Methot. Since 2018, we are working closely with Marc to increase brand awareness, subscription sales, and create exceptional brand experiences for their target demographics.

We began this project by tuning up the brand. The publication had been in operation for over 3 years without a plan or direction to attract new subscribers and advertisers. Through extensive research, surveys, and sessions we created a Brand Bible for CARtoons Magazine and a detailed 12-month marketing strategy with the sole purpose of increasing sales and retaining subscribers and artists.

Supporting materials include a revision of their website user experience, ongoing graphic design services, and consultations.

We continue to work with CARtoons Magazine.


Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

We were approached by Geoff Stretch because he had a vision. He wanted to create a chain of premium storage garages across Western Canada. Trouble was he couldn’t think of a name and brand that would stand out in this competitive marketplace.

After a thorough investigation of other companies who offer similar properties and services, we knew we could position this company in a quadrant that would appeal to their desired target demographic.

We created the company name, USPs, copywriting, logo design, photography direction, and website design and development.

Their first location in Kelowna, BC was sold out before they broke ground. They are currently working on additional locations across Western Canada.

We continue to work closely with Storehouse.

Canadian Load Divider Dollies inc.

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada

Laurie is a really cool guy with amazing skills. He approached us to help him bring his patented weight distribution trailer brand to life. Communicating what this product can do for light-duty trucks was very important. No one has built anything like this product. It was important that we were effective in connecting to his target demographic. We helped Laurie by creating messaging and a brand presence that included logo design, brochures, tradeshow display, website, and stationery package.

We are super excited to be part of the launch and continued growth of CLDD.

Personal Work

Are you ready to move your automotive brand forward and lead the competition?


Can you help me even if I am not in your country?

Yes we can. Technology has made it very easy for us to give the same experience to clients outside of our country. We can video chat, conduct phone calls and if required, travel to your city. If you need more information about our services for clients, please contact us.

How much does it cost to create brand?

First off, it’s not a cost. It’s an investment. Why is that? Because you will get a return on investing in your brand. In most cases, branding services require an investment anywhere from 3-10% of your annual gross revenue. We tell prospects to budget anywhere from $3,500 and up depending on the size and complexity of your company and the problem(s) you want to solve.

How long does it take to brand my company?

Branding can take as quickly as 1 month to complete. Generally, each project takes 1-4 months and becomes a long-term relationship. Business owners and key decision makers are required to be involved with the process because our approach is very collaborative.

Do you do all of the other work yourself?

No. We very good at branding and logo design. When it comes to website development, marketing strategy, writing, SEO, etc. We bring on trusted partners to do this work.  We have working knowledge in these areas so we can ensure that our clients are being served well. It allows us to communicate with our partners and create a level of accountability. That is as far as it goes. A jack-of-all-trades is a master at none.

Just so you know, we work with some of the best and most innovative contractors out there. These are people we trust and work very well with. They are experienced and knowledgeable. When we bring them in on your project, you are working with the business owner, not an inexperienced employee or oversaturated team of jack-of-all-trades-types.

You are tapping into a network of high-level experience and knowledge.

I already have a logo and website, can you work with my company?

Absolutely! We can work with your existing image quite easily. Our brand development services create the foundational elements that are often overlooked or simply put together haphazardly. We bring consistency to your brand by including your existing visuals.

What ROI can I get from Branding?

We have seen increased sales & referrals occur to clients after they launch their new image and brand.  Their perception increases. Customers become more aware. Customers find their new image more appealing to their needs. Business owners and employees shift mentally. There is increased engagement from staff. Owners become inspired once again. They no longer see themselves as the ‘little guy’. They are more confident. They become proud of their image. If you are looking for revenue gains and other numbers and statistics, please call us.

You say you only do branding but I see logo designs, websites and other designs you've created, I’m confused?

What you are seeing is additional work created after the branding is completed. We do not take on clients who are looking for one-off projects like a logo design, website, etc. This approach to branding does not work for us. We work from the ground up. Starting with your brand. This is foundational work that is very important to get right before you create your logo, website, brochure or marketing strategies. If we did it the opposite way, we would be developing very fragmented work that confuses the customer and the company owner.

So yes! We do design other marketing materials like logos, brochures, websites, etc. But they are only available to clients as a convenience.

Is branding REALLY that important? Sounds like a lot of BS to me.

Before we answer, take a look at any big name brand. Now think about their logo. You can instantly recognize it am I right? Want to know why? Because it is unique. No one else looks like them.

Now think about that same brand and tell me how it makes you feel? There are emotions and stories running through your head am I right? Maybe some smells, memories, or tastes?

Does your company have this type of impact on its customers? You might have some already but you can compound it significantly by refining your brand. We can show you how-to do it.

Learn why it's important by reading this:

What is the difference between branding and logo design?

Branding is more than visuals. It's the complete ecosystem of your company that makes up the brand. 

I have someone who needs branding help but they're not an automotive company. Can you help them?

Absolutely! We send all our non-automotive clients to Wake Creative. Please visit the link to learn more about their services.