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Colesnotes: Today’s consumers want to connect with companies who have strong branding and great marketing.


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What SEMA’s Market Report is not telling you!

The hidden branding data that can create monumental changes for your company’s brand. Helping you stand out, get noticed and attract customers.

It’s filled with jaw-dropping data that will help you build brand awareness, grow customer retention and increase sales.

As a business owner, you are always looking for a way to edge out the competition. Our report will help you create that edge.

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What SEMA’s Market Report is NOT telling you!

There’s hidden branding and marketing ideas that can create monumental change for your company.

You can’t hide from the truth any longer. There is a huge push on the importance of branding for 2021 and beyond. From company culture, retaining employees and attracting customers, there is much to learn from this booklet.

I went through SEMA’s reports in detail and have found a lot of interesting branding tactics that can drastically change the way you think and execute your company’s brand.

Did you know…

43% of all accessorizers prefer in-store parts buying than online sales. This stat has changed dramatically from 2018 where we saw over 60% of all accessorizers preferring in-store purchasing over online buying. With this sudden shift in buying behaviour, one might think, “well it’s only temporary!” I want you to understand that as some parts of the world still remain on partial lockdowns or limiting the number of people in indoor spaces, people will begin the habit of buying online and not turn back. New buying habits are being created, so how can you capitalize on this?

What does this mean for your physical location and online experience?

How can you integrate the two to create a seamless experience?

More compelling data that will affect the way you brand your business!

When it comes to customers wanting to learn more…

45% of consumers use search engines/review sites for product info.

How does your brand behave online? Is it the same experience in store?

41% use word of mouth

Word of mouth advertising is the most powerful and cheapest way to build brand awareness. How do you take advantage of this marketing platform to spread your brand awareness? How can you make an instant impact on referrals so your customer looks good and is loving your brand forever?

Only 7% use race track/team sponsors for parts info.

Sponsorship is an important part of brand awareness and often underutilized. How can you make your sponsorships into a larger return on investment for your brand?

33% of accessorisers are 16-29 years old, 26% are aged 30-39 while 40-60+ year olds make up 40% of the market.

Who are your ideal demographics and what is the best way to communicate your brand to them? Are there ways to reach them effectively and for a low cost of acquisition? How do you get them to remember your brand when they are ready to buy?

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