Here’s what you won’t find in our resources section:

  1. Posts that are keyword rich to increase our traffic.
  2. Posts that are filled with bulls#*t and contain nothing useful for you.
  3. Annoying pop-ups that interrupt your reading.
  4. Fluffy material that worries about your feelings.

What you will find here are blog posts that are sometimes really long because the content we share is that f-ing good! You will also get straight answers with no-nonsense because we are straight shooters and would prefer not to waste your time. Lastly, expect us to sell you something at the end of each post because the point of these resources is to show to you that we are THAT good and worth hiring.

Now that we got that out of the way, it’s in your best interest to ask us questions if something we write doesn’t make sense to you. Getting ahold of us is easy. Just fill out the contact form on our Contact Page.

Also, we encourage you to request the documents we have created. We spend a ton of time writing these. Each one is given the same amount of care as our clients. There is a lot of value in what we share. If you do request anything from us be prepared for a phone call, email and follow up. We are always looking for feedback.

Have fun and enjoy!