See where is your brand leading you.

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Get answers and guidance on how to increase loyalty to your automotive aftermarket brand.

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A Brand Loyalty Roadmap is:

  • A guide to improving your brand loyalty
  • A proposal with actionable takeaways
  • A brand audit
  • An instruction manual

How is your brand performing?

What’s Included in your Brand Loyalty Roadmap.

What’s Included:

  1. A discovery session.
  2. An 18-40 page brand assessment report in PDF format.
  3. A brand positioning matrix.
  4. An SWT analysis of all your brand touchpoints.
  5. A step-by-step roadmap plan to help you build your brand around your goals.
  6. Approximate investment price quotes of each step so you can shop around for additional support.
  7. A one-hour off-boarding review and final coaching call to go over the details and ask any questions you may have.
  8. If a DIY method is your decision on key elements of the supplied roadmap, we will coach you on how to do it on your own.
  9. Accountability partnership. We will connect with you for the first 6 weeks to help you with your progress.

Do you fit the criteria?

This offer is available to automotive business owners. Please read the listed criteria before booking a call with us.

This offer is available to automotive companies that work within the aftermarket industry.

  • Do you manufacture or distribute automotive specialty parts/accessories? Or maybe you use, buy or sell automotive specialty parts/accessories? 
  • Or your business makes 4-wheeled vehicles look better, go faster or become something new?

You are uncertain about your current branding and need answers

Your company uses English as your first language.

You are the company owner.

You can be available for two Zoom call meetings.

You can finish some tasks required in order to get this report completed in a timely fashion.

 You can pay the $5000 CAD +taxes investment before we get started.

If you can check off all the criteria, let’s get rid of the uncertainty and replace it with inspiration.