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The importance of branding properly.

When it comes to weight loss, most people dive right in head first. They buy the fancy shoes, the wrist watches, wireless headphones, work out gear and the membership. Then they say “Tomorrow it starts”. The next day they wake up energized and ready to kick ass. They...

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I’m loving what SEMA is doing

When I first started my company 9 years ago, I was never into data. My marketing efforts were archaic. Throwing s*&t at a wall and seeing what sticks. It was a terrible way of approaching marketing. But I am sure many other automotive business owners are doing the...

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Continued Learning Resources

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How-To Hire a Logo Designer

A book written by Dennis Michael to help business owners find the right logo designer to develop their identity.

What SEMAs Market Report is not telling you

The hidden branding data that can create monumental changes for your company’s brand. Helping you stand out, get noticed and attract customers.

Marketing Truths For Automotive Businesses

15 rules to make your automotive company better at marketing.

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The Fool-Proof Method to Creating ROI from Sponsorships

The step-by-step method your company can implement on any sponsorship deal to create returns.

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