Demystifying Instagram

In this conversation, I talk with the owner of Monika Social, Monika Adams about Instagram. I get right to the point in this interview because there are a lot of questions, assumptions and confusion about Instagram. I wanted to clear the air, so to speak.

Enjoy the next 30 minutes. The questions I asked should leave you with a takeaway or two that you can implement in your company today.

The questions I asked her:

  • How did you get started on social media?
  • Should every automotive business be on Instagram?
  • Is Instagram better than a website page?
  • How can an automotive business reach its target audience through Instagram?
  • What are automotive businesses doing wrong with their Instagram page?
  • Should they focus all their efforts on Instagram and leave all the other social media platforms alone?
  • If they hire someone to manage their Instagram page, what should they be looking for, to ensure they have the right person managing their page?
  • Best practices with Instagram – what they should and shouldn’t do.
  • 3-5 Actionable items they can take right now to level up their Instagram page and increase their audience.

More about Monika & Monika Social

If you want to contact Monika Social about  Instagram, you can check out her business at the following links:


Closing remarks

I really like Instagram. It is a must-have for any automotive business because your target audience lives here. Searching the hashtag #automotive is more than enough proof as to why you should set up an account. If you liked Monika and reach out to her, be sure to let Monika know you heard about her on this podcast.