Demystifying Google Ads

In this conversation, I talk with the owner of Hop Skip Media, Ameet Khabra about Google Ads. I get right to the point in this interview because there are a lot of questions, assumptions and confusion about advertising on Google. I wanted to clear the air, so to speak. 

Enjoy the next 36 minutes. The questions I asked should leave you with a takeaway or two that you can implement in your company today.

The questions I asked her:

  • How effective are google ads when there is a ton of competition out there?
  • How can the little guy compete against big-name brands?
  • Is it only worth making ads if you have a large business?
  • Do SEO and ads work together? Can they be used to boost your page ranking?
  • With Google’s constant SEO changes, are ads really worth doing?
  • How much does a business need to spend to see any results?
  • How easy is it to create google ads? Can you do it yourself?
  • Do you need a plan to get started with google ads?
  • What should they write in their ads?
  • Do they simply point people to their website with their ads? Is it that easy?
  • What do you see automotive businesses doing wrong when it comes to online ads?
  • If someone were to get started in Google ads, what is the right way to get started?
  • Can you give us 3-5 action steps someone with an automotive business can do today if they wanted to start Google ads themselves?

More about Ameet & Hop Skip Media

If you want to contact Hop Skip Media to run your online advertising campaign you can check out her business at the following links:


Closing remarks

Google Ads are not as complicated as they are made out to be. But they do need to be monitored and adjusted constantly. Deciding if running ads on Google is the right strategy for your company, starts with a conversation. Contact Hop Skip Media and talk with Ameet’s amazing team. Be sure to let them know you heard about her on this podcast.