Break Your Brand

There is a lot of hype and attention that goes into a new car debut.

The manufacturer builds up anticipation, and when the big day comes, they put on an event to showcase their new vehicle design to the world.

What happens within hours after this debut?

Our wheels start turning.

We look deeper at the design and specs.

We analyze it and critique it.

And lastly, we find ways to make it look and perform better than stock.

It’s exciting and a lot of fun to break it apart and build it into something new.

It’s what we live for

If by chance there weren’t any new vehicles to break apart, we break apart old vehicles and reimagine them as something new.

We are fearless artists, creators, engineers and visionaries.

Stubborn and relentless in our pursuit of perfection.

We don’t need permission from someone else to see the hidden potential in a classic car or a new model.

We go ahead and break it apart. Bringing our vision to life.

Hard work and determination

Our weathered hands and aching muscles toil away at that vehicle without compromise.

As we sand, weld, wrench, and build, all we think about is how amazing it’s going to look and perform when it’s complete.

People look and comment, but we don’t give a shit what they say.

This is our dream, our vision and our work.

We have to see it through no matter what because our dream needs to come to life.

When it’s all done, we look over our work and are filled with a sense of accomplishment. What we saw in our minds became a reality. We made it happen and we did it our way.

All it took was hard work and belief to make it real.

Imagine this

Now imagine if this same mindset and determination was placed on your company brand.

What could you accomplish, and where could you go?