Dear Automotive Aftermarket,

We can agree that a lot of hype and attention happens during a new vehicle debut.

The manufacturer starts with building hype through a spectacle of teasers. All of us anticipate the big reveal day.

What happens seconds after you see this new vehicle?

Your wheels start turning. So to speak.

You analyze the design and specs of this vehicle. Then give the world your personal critique.

But most importantly, your minds start conjuring ways to make it look or perform better than its stock debut.

I’m sure we can agree that all of us find joy in reimagining vehicles into something new.

It’s what you do for a living.

When there are no new vehicles to reimagine, you disassemble old vehicles and recreate them into something new.

You are fearless artists, creators and visionaries.

Stubborn and relentless in your pursuit of creative expression.

You don’t need permission from someone else to see the hidden potential in a classic or a new vehicle.

You forge ahead without fear.

Bringing your visions to life.

Your racing minds, weathered hands and aching muscles toil away at that vehicle without compromise.

As you design, engineer, or build products, all of us onlookers sit and stare in amazement. All we can think about is how amazing this vehicle will look or perform when you’re finished.

Naturally, some will comment, but honestly, you don’t give a shit what they say.

This is your dream, your vision and your work.

You must see it through no matter what because what you envision needs to come to life.

When it’s all done, you look over your hard work and are filled with a sense of accomplishment.

What you saw in your mind became a reality.

All it took was hard work and belief to make it real.

Guys like me stare at your work. Gawking over every detail. Snapping shots. Asking questions. Praising you for what you have accomplished.

Yes, I have a crush on you and what you are doing in the automotive aftermarket industry.

That is why I think we would make a perfect pair.

Imagine if the same mindset you applied to that impressive product you just finished was placed on your company’s brand and marketing efforts.

What could we accomplish together, and where could you go?

Reimagine your pursuit.


Dennis Michael.