In marketing, your customer is never everyone.

When I am interviewing clients, I always ask “who is your target demographic?” 90% of the time their response is “everyone and anyone.” This is the biggest mistake you can make as a business owner.

Your target demographic is not everyone and anyone looking for your products and services. You have a specific type of customer but you haven’t seen it yet.

Broad strokes create odd folks

A broad stroke approach to identifying your target customer is why every company fails at marketing and why they end up resenting the marketing company they hired to implement their marketing strategy.

They become discouraged towards any future marketing while being pessimistic to anyone who comes along to set the record straight.

It’s in your best interest to look deeper at your current customers to truly understand who you serve, what they look like, how they behave, and what motivates them to buy.

How to identify your customer

If you want to create effective marketing strategies you need to identify your dream customer in great detail.

Take a look at your long list of clients and analyze who is your best-performing customer type. Pick one or two at the most. Analyze them with a microscope. You will find critical identifiers that spread across a number of your customers.

Take it one step deeper by creating a written profile of this person.

What is their age? Gender? Marital status? Income level? Interests? What are their most burning desires? What is important to them at this moment? What are their frustrations?

The more details you provide of this personal profile will reveal pathways to communicating with them. Helping you create a strategic marketing plan no one else is accomplishing in your industry. It will significantly improve your results and ROI.

Where do you start?

Truly understanding your target audience takes time. Most automotive business owners cannot be bothered to observe and listen to their customers. Let alone know with absolute certainty who they are. This part of branding often is overlooked and can cause your brand to underperform.

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