In marketing, what works for one person may not work for you.

I am sure you have read articles about how successful Company X was at using Twitter or how Jim Bob from across the city was able to use radio ads to triple their revenue.

It probably hooked you into thinking “if it worked for them it should work for me, right?” WRONG.

Here’s why you are wrong

Before I tell you why you are wrong, I want to give you something to think about.

I bet if you asked those companies how they created success in their chosen marketing channel,  they would give you a generalized answer. If you were to ask them if they keyed on a specific type of customer, they would probably say “I don’t know.” If you asked them what their ROI was during their campaign, they couldn’t give you hard numbers to back their claims.

Their success could have been a fluke or dumb luck.

You are wrong to think that what works for them will work for you because they were not measuring and analyzing their marketing results to find out WHY it worked.

Your marketing problem is unique

What worked for them may not work for you because your problems are unique.

According to BrightLocal, they say small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) will spend $400/month on digital marketing. SMBs spend on average 46 percent of their marketing budget on digital marketing. 78 percent of SMBs think that mobile marketing is an important channel for their business.

This is alarming because again, SMBs see it working for someone else and instantly think it will work for them.

Don’t follow the herd

It’s a bad idea to follow the herd because if your ideal target demographic is a 50-year-old male and you are trying to get them to buy parts from you online, you will be left scratching your head when you find out that 70% of this age group prefers to buy their parts in-store. (See SEMAs Market Report for details)

You have your own unique set of problems

Your company brand behaves a certain way that is unique to you only.

This perception attracts a particular type of customer.

It is crucial that you understand that choosing a marketing platform is an important decision. It should never be approached haphazardly. Doing it that way wastes time and money.

That is why knowing your customer is not everyone is so important to understand.

It will help you find the right marketing channels to connect with impact.

How to find what marketing channel works for you

Before you start looking at marketing, you need to understand your customer and your perception. Once you have figured out your customer and perception, creating your company’s Brand Bible will help you zero in on the proper messaging and intent of your marketing strategy.

Where do you start?

Knowing what marketing channels will work for you can be difficult to see. Especially when you hear about everyone else’s successes using X strategy. You feel compelled to do the same. I want you to take a deep breath and stop for a moment. Check-in on the health of your brand at this very moment before you do anything else.

I created a really easy brand assessment scorecard you can take to see how well your brand is currently performing. This is a great way to start before you begin any marketing startegy.

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Does your brand need a tuneup?

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