Measure everything!

If someone were tossing $20 bills out their window, you would be confused and probably ask them why they are doing it. Every time you run a marketing campaign without a way to measure its performance, you are that guy tossing money out the window.

Measuring the performance of a marketing campaign is such a low-cost investment there is no reason NOT to do it.

Google analytics, phone numbers, promo codes, custom URLs, landing pages, email addresses are an easy low barrier to entry options to measure your marketing efforts.

Measuring the results of your marketing campaign gives you the necessary data so you can adjust or double-down. The results will show you where your customers are coming from and how much they are spending.

How to measure everything

I spoke about analyzing your marketing efforts and the importance of calls to action. If your marketing channels do not have either of these, fix them. All your marketing channels can have a measurable call to action. Creating a specific phone number, URL, or email address can give you the data required to analyze the effectiveness of a specific marketing campaign. They are super cheap, if not free, measuring tools.

Where do you start?

Can your marketing efforts be measured? If I were to ask you what the cost per acquisition is on your google ads or how many people have clicked on your landing page URL, can you give me an answer? If you are wondering how your brand is measuring up, here’s your chance to examine it with a microscope and repair any damage it might have. Making your brand healthier.

Find out how healthy your brand is by taking this easy brand assessment tool.

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Does your brand need a tuneup?

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How do you know if your company needs to fix its brand? What questions should you answer to find out?

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