Marketing is tough.

Marketing can be difficult.

Marketing can outright suck.

Especially when you have no idea what you are doing.

Sure people will offer their opinion.

They will tell you how Johnny Downthestreet used Twitter to increase his sales. They will also tell you about Suzy From the city and how she used direct mail to build a larger customer base.

Their success stories suck you into implementing a marketing strategy you had no business doing in the first place. But you did because what worked for them, should work for you, right?


The hard part about marketing is first understanding what marketing is and isn’t.

The next hard part is coming up with a plan.

Then finally executing that plan with focus, determination, and consistency.

There is no easy way to market your company. Marketing is not easy. When done right, it can be very rewarding. But you need to start from the ground floor and work your way up.

The ground floor begins by reading Marketing Truths for Automotive Businesses.

We lay out the 15 rules to marketing that will help you make better decisions on where and how you market your company.

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This part is easy, the rest will be hard.

Don’t worry though, after you read this, you will be in a much better mindset when it comes to marketing your company.

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