Marketing includes more than you think

When you think of marketing the typical sources come to mind, am I right? Advertisements, radio, and tv seem to be the norm. Make no mistake that your marketing goes much deeper than that.

Every brand touchpoint you have is a marketing channel you must explore & exploit.

From your employees answering the phone to the on-hold music your customers hear, to the signs and catalogs you print. These are all marketing channels you need to explore because you might find some easy low-cost, if not free, channels you can execute to increase sales.

How do you manage your tradeshow booth? What about all that promotional swag you create and give away? Your work vehicles? Business cards? Every brand touchpoint is a marketing opportunity waiting for you to explore & exploit.

How to explore & exploit your marketing channels

It will be a good idea to take inventory of every marketing channel you currently exploit. Write them down into categories and list out every marketing piece in each category. From there you want to take note of the message on each piece and what are you asking your customer to do when they see this marketing piece. Is it effective? Is it clear? Does it make sense? Does it stand out? It is important that you write down all of your audit notes for each marketing piece.

After you have every piece documented that you are currently doing, are you noticing any trends with the categories and pieces? Are there unexplored marketing channels and categories you forgot about? List out all the marketing options available to your company that you haven’t exploited. Now assess each option to gauge fit for your target demographic.

Where do you start?

Assessing all your marketing channels and auditing their brand effectiveness can seem daunting. It may also feel like a waste of time. Or maybe your marketing efforts for your brand have been so out of whack that you just want to start with a clean slate. maybe in the back of your mind, you are wondering “is my brand ready for good marketing?”

If you are unsure if your brand is ready to market effectively, I created a really easy assessment tool you can take to see how well your brand is currently performing.

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Does your brand need a tuneup?

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How do you know if your company needs to fix its brand? What questions should you answer to find out?

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