Your marketing strategy is an infinite loop

Your prospect began their journey as an outsider looking in. After some time, your call to action got them hooked and now they are buying from you.  It’s now your responsibility to keep that customer inside your business. Have them become repeat buyers and get them to bring others to your brand. Creating an infinite loop marketing strategy.

Your automotive marketing strategy should be treated as your private ecosystem. You are in control of every piece of your customer’s brand experience. You determine what to sell them, when to sell it and how you implement follow-up. The follow-up keeps the customer in your infinite loop.

How to create an infinite loop

To create your infinite loop marketing strategy you may want to get out the markers, tape, empty walls, and some large sheets of paper.

Begin by writing out the complete journey of a prospect to a customer. Include all the brand experience touchpoints they have with your company. Even the little things like phone calls and emails. After it is complete, analyze it. Is it an infinite loop? How can you make it an infinite loop? Are there areas in the journey where another brand experience can be added to increase brand loyalty and repeat buying?

This approach requires time and thought. It is an effective way of understanding your brand experience. Giving you a bird’s eye view of your company brand and marketing efforts. 

Where do you start?

Assessing your infinite loop can feel overwhelming. You may be wondering, “is it really worth the trouble?” Before you begin, this is your chance to examine your brand with a microscope to see if an infinite loop is required. 

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