If your marketing is working, don’t change it!

The automotive industry needs more CPD. I get it, in a world of on-demand lifestyles, we can easily be diverted from one shiny object to another. Today’s marketing fad becomes a buzzword and wouldn’t you know it, everyone else is doing the same thing. You are better than that because you know what works for others may not work for you.

If your current marketing strategy is performing well and delivering ROI, don’t change a thing. Step on the gas and keep moving forward. Until you know you have exhausted your complete target demographic from one side of the globe to the other, keep accelerating forward!

How to not change a thing

This is pretty simple. Measure everything and if the results are still bringing you what you want, you should have very little desire to change anything about your automotive brand’s marketing strategy. The moment you feel bored with your current marketing efforts it the time to push the nitrous button. Don’t change a thing.

Where do you start?

If you are constantly chasing one shiny object to another (marketing ideas) because nothing is working for you. It might be time to evaluate your brand’s current condition. You may need to repair it. I created this amazing brand assessment tool you can do in a matter of minutes. Once you get your score, you will be better prepared to take the next steps. Helping you get focused and no longer distracted by everyone else.

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Does your brand need a tuneup?

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How do you know if your company needs to fix its brand? What questions should you answer to find out?

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