What is Clubhouse?

I am not sure if you have heard much about Clubhouse (CH). in case you haven’t, Clubhouse is the latest rage in social media channels. Think of it as live talk radio meets Ted Talk.

Smartphone users get invited by friends to set up an account. Once you have it set up, you can begin joining rooms and listening to the conversations. You can also contribute to the talk by raising your hand and hope that the moderator brings you to the stage.

In any case, I had joined Clubhouse back in winter 2021. At that time I was blown away by the content and conversations. I also saw an opportunity to capture live consumer data. Capturing the pulse of people. Identifying trends. It quickly became overwhelming.

I have joined in on conversations, moderated talks and been asked to join the stage to offer my two cents on a certain subject matter.

Why you should join Clubhouse

I think this platform can offer a ton of value to automotive businesses. In fact, there aren’t many on Clubhouse right now which has me excited. So I think the time is right for automotive brands to join the cool kids club and be part of this new social media platform.

If you are thinking of joining, I will share my list of basic dos and don’ts.

How to participate in Clubhouse

  • Make sure your profile is filled out with great detail and clarity. A picture of yourself is required so put something current. You can see what a great Clubhouse profile page looks like by viewing mine. @dennismichael
  • Link your Instagram page and/or Twitter page. Because there is no way to communicate with other people via text on the app, DMs occur through your other social media channels.
  • Engage in the conversation. If you have something to add to the talk, don’t be afraid to raise your hand (a button in the app) and join in.
  • Make sure you mute your mic when you go on stage and after you talk.
  • Don’t pitch or sell when you join a conversation. The best people on Clubhouse are on point with their thoughts, questions or stories. They don’t weasel their elevator pitch when they talk.
  • Test drive rooms, speakers and clubs before you join or follow them. You can get sucked into this vortex of “pings to join” from people you follow. Be selective in who you follow.

Higher-level Clubhouse dos and don’ts

  • Have a high-quality great picture of yourself in your profile. These stand out in rooms.
  • Your first two lines in your profile need to engage. When you are on stage or near the top of the list of people who are listening in a room, people will tap on your photo to see who you are and what you do. Those first two lines of text should be on point. Enough to make them view your profile.
  • Your profile should be amazing in detail. What you write becomes keyword search material. If there are certain things you love to talk about, write them in your profile. Have a business to promote, share it as well as a link to your company’s web page.
  • Get yourself a LinkTree or Taplink account. When you link your Twitter or Instagram profile, viewers will also check out your social media accounts. If it’s private, link to another account like your business account. In the profile of your social media channel, adding a Taplink or Linktree URL gives you greater control of what you want someone to do when they express interest in your profile. You can add links, call to action, videos, downloadable materials. Whatever you can think of. This URL becomes your CH call to action when hosting rooms.
  • Host talks, create a room or create a Club. Again there is a lot of crappy talks and crappy rooms in CH. It can take some time to find rooms that have conversations worth listening to. The best way to negate this is to create your own club.