It’s common sense. 

Most of your target audience own a device that connects to the internet.

Most of those people will research before they buy.

Their research will lead them to your website.

What is your website saying to visitors?

It infuriates me how much apathy there is toward website messages. The insistent screaming of “We are the best” or “Look at all our products!” “Buy now!” is dull and outdated.

Who are we competing with?

Your business is competing globally to win attention. Your customer has hundreds of options to choose from. They will shop around to find the right choice before they spend a dollar at your business.

How do customers decide who they spend their money with?

As customers search the internet, each website they visit reveals patterns. In those patterns, they are formulating a list of top companies to buy from. From that list, they are ranking businesses. After the customer ranks them, they decide which company will get their money.

This whole process takes a customer a lot of time. They may become indecisive and choose the wrong business. What if you could help them make a quicker decision? What if your business became the customer’s number-one choice? 

How can we build a relationship with visitors online?

Shortening the gap between a customer knowing, liking and trusting you begins with the messages you write on your website. Take the time to create statements that say who you are, what you do, who you serve and why anyone should care.

When you get clear and concise with who you serve and don’t serve, you immediately qualify visitors. When they are qualified quickly, you save everyone time. 

How do we leave a lasting impression on our website?

The written statements on your website can leave a lasting impression on visitors if you approach them from a brand-first philosophy. There are unique qualities in your services and products that need to be the hero of your website. 

Extracting those qualities begins by developing the foundational elements of your brand. Wordsmithing those elements is what separates your automotive business from every single other global competitor that a customer sees online.

How do we get customers to buy from us?

As I said earlier, your customers are psychologically creating patterns in their heads with each website they visit. Many company websites they visit will be forgotten because they fall into the same boring patterns. You can disrupt the patterns by approaching your website messages with a brand-first philosophy. 

When patterns are disrupted, you leave an impression. That impression becomes a memory. That memory becomes a request for more information. When they see the same consistent disrupting messages in all your other branding, they will inquire. When they inquire, the chances of them spending money at your business become a reality.

What is your website saying to visitors right now?

You have to stop copy-pasting the same messages everyone else is using. They are boring, and no one is going to remember you. Your business deserves better. 

Winning the hearts and minds of your target audience is important to the longevity of your company. Start winning their attention by taking the time to communicate your services and products the right way through your website.

Otherwise, you will be forgotten.