Doesn’t make you angry that your employees are quitting and are now working for your competitor?

It’s frustrating when you devote all that time and energy to someone only to have them leave your company as quickly as you hired them.

Now you are wondering if you should seek legal action. Are they telling your competitor all your trade secrets? Did they work for you to spy for your competitor?

Your mind goes to some pretty dark places. They are making you angry. Angry enough that you feel like punching them right in the face.

While it might make you feel better for a brief moment, please don’t do it.

There’s a better way to stop the revolving door of hires and fires.

Your brand.

The people leaving your company are not going because of money. They are leaving because they don’t feel like they belong.

Humans are funny creators. We desire community.

We all want to belong to groups or causes that mean something. That fulfills a desire for belonging. Your company can be that belonging employees want. All you have to do is create a community in your business that is greater than sales and services.

How do you do build community?

  • Find your intent.
  • Create a mission.
  • Develop a vision.
  • Share your values.

These elements of your brand are the cornerstones to creating community. Living, breathing and believing in these brand elements will help you retain employees and repel the bad apples from submitting a resume.

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Everyone you employ wants purpose to their job. Employees want to know how their role creates greater good for the company and its customers. Making these elements of your brand gives them the clarity and direction they need to execute their job with excitement and belonging.

Once you do this, you will be amazed at the level of retention you can achieve.

Then you will be the one watching competitors punch THIER employees in the face because they left to come work for YOU!