When I first started my company 9 years ago, I was never into data. My marketing efforts were archaic. Throwing s*&t at a wall and seeing what sticks. It was a terrible way of approaching marketing. But I am sure many other automotive business owners are doing the same thing today.

You hear about Johnny across the city using social media and getting hefty returns, so you naturally hop on the wagon and give it the ole college try. Only to find out after months of frustration and wasted time, nothing happened. It’s terrible.

I’ve been a member of SEMA for a while now and I absolutely love what SEMA does for the automotive industry. From the SEMA Show to advocacy to research, the wonderful people at SEMA.org do a fantastic job.

As an automotive business owner, you can benefit from the research from SEMA. They have a library of consumer and industry data at your finger tips! Data that can help you understand your consumer so you are not putting together an apathetic marketing plan. SEMA has some amazing data that will help you put together a plan properly. So you can truly connect with your customer.

I’ve been reading their data for some time now and I am blown away by what they have compiled. Anyone looking for this type of data on their own would be paying tens-of-thousands of dollars to access it! But because you are a SEMA member, you get it for FREE! Crazy!!!

So when SEMA came out with their 2018 Market Report I was amazed at what was shared.

In-store buying experience continues to be the place for consumers. Two-thirds of dollars spent are done in brick n mortar locations! That’s 62% of consumer purchases being made at physical locations while 38% were online sales!

Some may scoff at this but understand that in-store buying experience is still the preferred method of doing business.

Only 7% of consumers use race track/team sponsors for parts info.

Sponsorship is an important part of brand awareness and often under-utilized. If 93% of consumers are not trusting teams as a way to by aftermarket parts, what does this mean for sponsors? Can they find a way to change this stat? Do race teams need to do a better job at promoting sponsors? I’m really intrigued!

Look, there is a ton more info in their report, I suggest if you are a SEMA member, download it and read it. It will change the way you think about marketing and business operations.

If you are looking for branding insights, I have a doozey for you!

I created my own report that takes SEMA’s data one step further! Giving you hidden branding insights that can change the way you market your company.

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