How to attract better automotive customers.

Automotive businesses are not attracting the right customers because they don’t know who they are, what they do, who they want to serve and how to say it properly to the people they want to attract.



Here’s why they are not attracting the right automotive customers.

These automotive businesses are failing because of many factors. When they preach that they have the best customer service, or have been in the community for decades – it’s not helping them. Their discounts, one-stop-shop convenience, promotions or family-like atmosphere are not the solution to attracting the right customers. Their $50 logo from overseas will also not attract their ideal customers.

Maybe their five-star Google rating will help get customers in their door, but their generic customer experience will not keep them there. Their Facebook page masquerading as a website is doing more harm than good. The copy-paste messages they intentionally write on their website and social media smell of BS.

They need to dig deeper into their business.

They need to extract the core essence of their business. Use it to build the brand and marketing strategies to attract their ideal customers. No amount of SEO, viral videos or digital ad spend will attract the right customers and retain them for long periods of time until they ask themselves:

  • Who are the right clients?

  • Who are the wrong clients?

  • How do I attract the right clients?

  • How do I attract the wrong clients?

  • How will I know when I have attracted them?



Let’s get clear on customers.

Consumers buy on emotion. They use their eyes and their heart to make purchases. They will look at your business and make assumptions about your value before they spend a nickel. Then they will decide to purchase from you or not.

How that automotive business looks, behaves, reacts, shares, and promotes will determine if that customer will purchase and continue to purchase from their business.



Here’s how a real business attracted better automotive customers.

When I began my career as a graphic designer, I worked at a powertrain remanufactured. We were doing some innovative work on transmissions, transfer cases and differentials. When I first arrived at this company, they had a typical presence. A remote shop location that looked like an auto wrecker. And their branding was consistent with their look. A typical ring and pinion logo design with a globe nestled in the middle. And it was all in the colour green because they were a recycler, ugh!

Even though we were selling high-quality parts and remanufacturing all our units to brand new unit specifications, the customers we attracted were not ideal.

We got the shady folk looking for a cheap fix. We got the one-man repair shops looking for a deal. We did have some really good clients who continued to buy from us because they knew our quality was amazing, and they took full advantage of that. They saw it before we did.

Inside, the sales staff and ownership felt we were building the best units money could buy. In our hearts, we knew we wanted to be the number one remanufacturer in Canada, but our image was hindering our progress.



The transformation began with leadership.

My bosses took a leap and ventured out of the swamp shop. They leased a larger building with proper offices and flow so all our staff could work properly and comfortably. Then they bought a transmission dyno, one of 5 in the world. They were all set to start pushing our units, dyno and warranty program. But there was a huge problem. Our image still sucked. It was still the ring and pinion logo with the shitty typeface. If we promoted the business with that image, no one would take us seriously.

I told them we needed to enhance our image to match our product and services. They said yes, and I got to work rebranding the company.

When it was completed, we revealed the new branding to the staff. What happened next was eye-opening.

It was like a switch turned on in everyone’s mind.

They felt confident, assured, excited and focused. They knew they were creating amazing products in an amazing building with cutting-edge equipment and parts, but until the branding was revealed, it felt like the same old company with the same old attitude.

It shifted after that week. We all went out selling the new brand, which went over well. People took notice, and we began attracting new accounts. Better accounts. We knew who we were, who we wanted to serve, how to say it and what to say to attract the right customers.

The new branding played an important part in achieving this growth.

Branding may seem unnecessary spending to those outside looking in at their competitors. Being inside a business shows you the true power of branding and the effects it can have on employees, ownership and business growth.

Whether you want to believe it or not, branding has its place in every automotive business. It can create positive changes in many ways – internally and externally.



See the signs before they kill your business.

When your business is going through changes, it’s the perfect time to analyze your existing brand. See the signs before they kill your business.

If you are not attracting the right automotive customers, ask yourself the questions:

  • Who are the right clients?
  • Who are the wrong clients?
  • How do I attract the right clients?
  • How do I attract the wrong clients?
  • How will I know when I have attracted them?

Reflect on those answers.

Determine your next move.

And when you are ready, contact me.

I can help you find the answers to the questions above.