The commonsense approach to marketing.

Brand Bibles are not new. They are no revolutionary. They are not some secret of Fortune 500 companies.

This document is a commonsense approach to marketing. So common that people often say “Well this makes sense. Why the f&%k haven’t we got one?!”

Well, wait no longer.

Does this sound like you?

How many times have you begun a marketing strategy by winging it?

How many different versions of your company story have you told to marketing contractors in the past 5 years?

How many of your past marketing solutions are plagued with inconsistent messaging, look, tone and personality?

Marketing can be difficult and time-consuming. It can also feel like guesswork and a loss leader am I right?

It doesn’t have to be this way if you build the right foundation.

No more hand holding required!

What if I told you there was a way to keep all of your marketing contractors on point by delivering consistent messages, visuals, tone, and personality NO MATTER which marketing channel they use, would you be happy?

What if I told you there was a way to save you from extended meetings where you have to repeat the same answers about your brand to multiple contractors, would you be interested in learning more?

What if I told you there was a solution available that will help you communicate, attract and retain your target audience, would you be interested?

What if I told you there was a solution available that clearly articulates why you are unique and why you exist?

There is a solution and it’s called a Brand Bible.

What is Branding?

Branding has been getting a bad reputation and it’s because the definition of branding is so inconsistent. It’s enough to make you ignore everyone talking. I get it.

Here’s the thing, branding is an empowering and impactful force for your company when done correctly and in extreme detail. Many other agencies will give their versions of brand bibles but only offer part of your brand. They never give the complete picture.


The Brand Bible

What our Brand Bibles do is give you the whole story and give you all the pieces you need to create the most effective marketing plans, onboard your amazing employees, attract your desired target audience and retain your customers and employees for years to come.

The Brand Bibles we create for companies are a turnkey long term solution that saves you and your marketing contractors a lot of time and money. No one is guessing what fonts, colours or logos to use for your marketing materials. Everyone now knows who you are targeting and what messages are required to make an impact. There is clarity, focus, and direction for the next 2, 5 or 10 years of your company’s existence. A Brand Bible will eliminate confusion, diluted results and most importantly lack of direction.

Here is what happens when you have a Brand Bible.

Clarity and Focus are created

How many times have you been approached by a salesperson selling advertising? Probably a lot am I right? They may have come into your office or they solicit you via email? They make bold statements like “we can get you in front of 30,000 listeners!” or “Advertise with us and have access to over 100,000 readers” or “your customers are dying to hear from you!” It’s the same story time and again. So much so that you are now apathetic to it. Your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be this way. Having your own Brand Bible will give you greater clarity and focus. Allowing you to pick and choose the RIGHT marketing channels that will connect you with your desired target demographics. Purchasing power is now back in your hands.

Time & Money are saved

You have a business run. Your time is valuable and needs to be allocated properly. Your Brand Bible will give you your time back. Lost hours in discovery meetings answering repeated questions from multiple suppliers and contractors are a thing of the past. Your Brand Bible will give any future marketing consultant all they need to craft a strategy specific to your needs. No more will you have to ‘try’ different advertising mediums and wait to see if they were effective. Wasting money on marketing strategies that were speculative will no longer be a thing for your company. Unnecessary brochures, ineffective promotional items, trade shows with no one taking notice – these are eliminated now that you have a Brand Bible.

Guesswork is a thing of the past

From this day forward anyone marketing your brand will never have to guess again. They will know who you are, what you do and why you do it. They will know how to communicate your brand properly both visually and in written words. They will no longer have to guess who you are targeting and how to communicate to them. Your Brand Bible will outline everything in extreme detail virtually eliminating any guesswork.

Connections happen

Magical things occur when you start implementing your brand bible. Those clients you once thought were unattainable, are now attracted to your company. Your employees now feel like they work at a company with a purpose. New recruits are wanting to work for you because they understand you and connect with you. Your Brand Bible will give you the tools to make those important connections with your staff and your customers

Perception changes

Initial assumptions will be a bust when you implement your Brand Bible. Customers will take notice and be very intrigued by the level of branding you have created. Employees will see you in a different light. Mindsets change. Opportunities present themselves. Your small or medium size company now has a brand presence that can rival any big corporation that has a Brand Bible of their own. Here’s a little secret, not many companies are creating their own Brand Bible. So this makes you one of the few companies who have decided to take a large step forward from your competitors and peers.

Are you ready to get started?

What is a Brand Bible?

The concept of a Brand Bible is nothing new. Many big corporations have them. Unfortunately, most are incomplete. They only touch on visual guidelines or they address the who, why, what but forget about the visuals. A Wake Creative Brand Bible is something completely different. It takes every aspect of your company and brings it together into one finished book. Another glaring difference is that a Brand Bible was only something big corporations could afford. Many small and medium businesses have never considered a Brand Bible. It is a new concept for you at an affordable price that will give you a massive return on investment.

Marketing focus occurs

This defacto guide is your testament. The words, images and strategies laid out in the pages are your templates to creating your:

  • Logo design
  • Marketing materials
  • Online/Offline marketing strategies
  • Employee training & recruitment
  • Franchising opportunities
  • And more…

Build a business with purpose

If you want to brand your company the right way. Let’s start with developing your Brand Bible. If you want to have your employees engaged in their work every day. This is for you. If you want to attract the right customers. You will benefit from a Brand Bible. If you want to save money on advertising and marketing. You need to create a Brand Bible now. If you want clarity and focus on your marketing and company direction. A Brand Bible will help you. If you want to connect with the next consumer – millennials. A Brand Bible will help you.

Common questions we get asked…

How much does a Brand Bible cost?

Brand Bibles costs are based on a number of criteria that may include company size, structure and who’s involved. The investment required starts at $25000 and can go up. Contact us to get a quote for your company.

How long does it take to get a Brand Bible?
Our process involves multiple meetings asking very detailed questions. In most cases, we can get all the questioning done in three or four 2-hour meetings. Or we can have a one-day intensive meeting if requested.  How long these meetings take to complete is determined by the Business Owner because their involvement is crucial to the process. We can have your Brand Bible completed in as short as 1 month. Typically it takes anywhere from 1-3 months based on the owner’s schedule.
When is it a good time to get a Brand Bible?
The best time to get a Brand Bible is when your company is in transition. That transition can be:

  • Looking to sell your company in the near future.
  • Shifting focus of operations to new product or service .
  • Moving to new location.
  • Looking to change look and feel of company to properly match growth.
  • Growing in size and revenue.
  • Have become reborn.
  • New ownership.
  • Beginning to create a franchise model.
Do I have to change my logo to get a Brand Bible?
It is not necessary to change your logo to get a Brand Bible. During the process, we assess everything you have created for your brand. When we have finished our discovery and compiled our notes, we will give you an assessment of your existing marketing materials. From there we will pass on recommendations and changes. You are under no obligation to change anything unless we deem it highly important. In other cases, business owners request a new logo design to complement the new branding we have created. At the end of the day, the choice is yours whether you want to change your logo or not.
Who is a Brand Bible For?
In most cases, a Brand Bible works best for company owners who have at least 2 years of business already established. A Brand Bible also works for business owners who are starting a new company. But be warned, if you are unclear on your company’s vision or suffer from indecisiveness this will not work for you.
Is a logo design included in a Brand Bible?
If requested we will include logo design services in the quote for a Brand Bible.

Are you ready to get started?