We optimize automotive aftermarket brands for guaranteed reliability.

Let us show you what your brand can become.

The automotive branding & design shop for the aftermarket industry.


How far do you want to go?

Your clients can depend on their customized vehicles because they treat them like their babies; it expresses who they are. Likewise, your company is an expression of you who you are. We help business owners like you optimize their automotive aftermarket brands for guaranteed reliability. Who’s taking care of your baby?

What can you depend on today?

Your vehicle may last you 10 years. That shirt may give you one season of wear before it falls apart. You’re lucky if your computer gives you 5 years of stable operation. Back in the day, things were built to last. You could get decades of driving your vehicle and if there was an issue, fixing it was easy. Clothing was crafted to handle continuous cleaning and wear. You use to be able to repair a computer with some simple tools.

Reliability has become a dream.

I see automotive aftermarket business owners operating their brands with the same idea – it’s not dependable. They reinvent themselves yearly by throwing money at their brand to fix today’s problems. It was never a thought that their automotive aftermarket brand could last the next 10, 20 or 30 years. The wastefulness experienced in other facets of our lives has also become the way branding is managed today.

Are you tired of the waste?

You can stop throwing mindless money at your company. You can eliminate wasted hours of meetings to fix your problems. You can build your automotive aftermarket brand for guaranteed reliability. It starts by letting us show you what your brand can become.

We are the branding & design shop for the automotive aftermarket.

Does your company make, use, buy or sell automotive specialty parts and accessories? Do you make 4-wheeled vehicles look good, go faster or become something new?

Our step-by-step method helps you create an automotive brand that wins.

Step 1. Brand road-mapping

Where your brand is and the directions to optimize it for reliability.

We begin all client projects by road-mapping their brand. We get rid of the performance uncertainty. Replacing it with the answers that give them confidence, guidance and direction they need to move forward. Showing them meticulous branding details of where they are and what is the best route their brand needs to go to take to get to their long-term goals.

Step 2. Brand Strategy

The foundation to creating long-term dependability.

The heart of your automotive company is your brand. We figure out who you are, what you do and why you do it. Every element of your company from every brand touchpoint is strategized to influence your target audience towards a specific outcome. It’s a holistic approach we package into tangible deliverables that help you build brand awareness with focus and clarity. Allowing you to connect with your employee and customers in a profound, meaningful way.

Step 3. Brand Development

Win attention with eye-catching designs.

A great automotive brand needs to market itself to build brand awareness. Taking everything we learned about your brand, we design stunning brand touchpoints to help your brand become memorable. One-of-a-kind logo designs that are versatile. Support print and digital materials that influence your audience. User-centric website designs that behave as your 24/7 sales force. Sales copy that entices a purchase. We design effective outcomes for every brand touchpoint in your business.

Everything we do is to inspire others to create continued success.

We believe that every automotive company is unique and has an amazing story to tell the world. We are intense optimists on a mission to empower companies to become industry leaders. We cheer you on and are the first to celebrate your successes. 

Marc M.

I highly suggest getting a professional involved to help with your business’s success like Dennis from Holeshot Brandworks. Definitely worth the investment.

Dylan K.

Dennis is an all-around awesome guy to work with and the quality and value he provides are first-class.

Jackson F.

“The outcome provided far exceeded any expectation I had. The process was fun and Dennis has a gift of displaying a visual identity that truly represents everything we talked about.”

Rebecca F.

His passion for his business and the drive he has to create a logo that embodies the heart of a company was palatable.

Steve G.

“Dennis has an unmatched eye for detail and offers nothing but perfection on everything he does.

Noel M.

“He continues to amaze me with his creativity, impresses me with his talented designs, and continues to take great care as he ensures a high-quality final product. “

Some of our great clients.

We worked with these amazing automotive brands.

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